Lile Wine is named after the family business, Lile Hardware and Lighting, that was run by Jane’s father and her grandfather before her father. Jane helped in the hardware store doing sales and the books while she was attending high school and college. Jane has fond memories of her father growing grapes in the back yard of their home to make wine. Her father also sold wine making equipment to local wine makers. After thirty-five years of teaching, Jane is ready to try something new. Jane will be the chief financial officer for the company. She will be responsible for the accounting and inventory of the company.

RYAN FRY — Sales

Ryan’s food and wine enthusiast attitude began when he worked for Sandy Moore’s Catering Service during his teenager years. Next, he pursed his hotel and restaurant degree at University of Missouri, while he managed Harpo’s Bar & Grill downtown Columbia, Missouri. His wine passion excelled while he worked at JJ’s Restaurant, on the plaza, as he passionately explored wine from many different avenues. During the early 2000’s, Ryan worked for Premiere Cru as a wine sale representative where he worked his way up as the Lead Sales Rep. At Premiere Cru, he had the opportunity to visit ample of numerous wineries nationally and travel to France for wine buying trips. As Ryan readily grew to explore a new venture in the wine industry, he decided to open up a wine distributorship, where he was the majority owner. As time evolved, later he decided to seek different avenues, where he decided to go back to his roots and help evolve Lile Wines with his family.

RICHARD FRY — Delivery

Richard (Dick) Fry has built a relationship with the restaurant industry by servicing dish machines with a smile and a funny joke for over 30 years. Dick helped Ryan, his son, by delivering wine for the company which Ryan was the principal owner. After a long day of delivering wine, Dick often enjoyed sampling some of the wine. We are just thankful it was not as much as the Blue Bell Ice Cream delivery man! Dick will now be delivering wine for Lile Wine LLC across the state
of Missouri.